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As Allah clearly states, it is our responsibility as Muslims to enlighten people about Islam and to continue spreading the message of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). We learn from this verse that the one who adopts this noble duty and calls to Islam will be successful. In fact, taking the job of the prophets will not only result in satisfaction in this world, but also immense reward in the hereafter.

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Hamza Dawah Training

This short dawah training course serves as a beginner’s toolkit to understanding the importance of dawah and also how to give dawah. By the end of this FREE online course, you will have mastered a framework on how to convey the message of Islam effectively inshaa’Allah.

Dawah Leaders Guide 2014

We have developed a unique dawah leader’s guide which maps out the journey you need to take to create an effective local dawah team inshaa’Allah.
3 Steps to Start a New Dawah Team Checklist

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