iERA – Mission Dawah

As Allah clearly states, it is our responsibility as Muslims to enlighten people about Islam and to continue spreading the message of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). We learn from this verse that the one who adopts this noble duty and calls to Islam will be successful. In fact, taking the job of the prophets will not only result in satisfaction in this world, but also immense reward in the hereafter.

For many of us, there is a feeling of unease in giving dawah; we feel that we not have enough knowledge. However, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said; “Convey from me, even one verse.” (Bukhari).

Inspired by these prophetic words, iERA has launched a new campaign, CONVEY ONE VERSE. The campaign consists of Quran picture cards, with one side including a verse from the Quran and the other a suitably themed picture . The pictures and verses are chosen to make people reflect and think about their creator, their lives and Islam in general.

The cards are designed to be used in multiple situations, you can hand it out in the street, use it to start a dawah conversation, post it to through your neighbours letterbox or simply leave it lying around in your workplace for people to read & reflect.