Dawah Missions Overview

The Mission Dawah team will be staying in your local town or city soon. Join us for a weekend packed of dawah!

To organise a dawah mission in your area click here.

One day Dawah Mission

A one day dawah mission is a great way to create a buzz for the dawah within a community. The one day mission consists of a short dawah workshop within the morning and then going out to the streets to do dawah. The team will then come back to the mosque and have a debrief on what conversations they had and what they learnt from their conversations.

Three day Dawah Mission

A full dawah mission is where an active dawah team travels to another area and stays over in their local mosque from Friday to Sunday. During these few days the traveling team will help further develop the local dawah team by delivering motivational talks, dawah training and taking them out to do street dawah.

Objectives of the Dawah Mission:

bpointMotivate and empower members of the local community to make dawah a key part of their life and to join their local dawah team.
bpointTo give the local Muslims the knowledge on how to effectively present the message of Islam to the wider community and also how to develop new Muslims into strong practising Muslims.
bpointThe dawah team that is travelling will use this mission to gain valuable experience and also use the mission to develop their tarbiyyah as they will be staying in the mosque.

Dawah Mission Schedule:

Times are subject to change depending on the salaah times.


Two Lectures (10/30 minutes each) on the importance of Dawah (After Maghrib or Isha).

bpointDawah Training Workshop (9.30AM – 1PM)
bpointStreet Dawah Activities (From Zuhr to Asr/Maghrib)
bpointTwo GORAP/Dawah related talks (15/30 minutes each after Maghrib or Isha)

bpointNew Muslim Development Workshop (9.30AM – 12PM)
bpointStreet Dawah Activities (12PM to Asr/Magrib/Isha)


To organise a dawah mission in your area click here.

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