Upcoming Dawah Missions

Ireland | 1st - 3rd March 2016

The Mission Dawah team will be in Ireland on the weekend of 1st March 2016 insha’Allah, join us for a dawah packed weekend! 

Dawah Mission Overview A dawah mission is a great way to create a buzz for the dawah within a community. The weekend dawah mission consists of a short dawah workshop within the morning and then going out to the streets to do dawah. The team will then come back to the mosque and have a debrief on what conversations they had and what they learnt from their conversations.

Dawah Mission Ireland

Overview of the Event

Friday Jumma: Dawah Khutba by Local Imam/ Khateeb on the Importance of Dawah (We will provide the Khutba to be read out) The Imam / Khateeb will also make an announcement about the Local Dawah Mission Weekend Program and encourage the locals to get involved.
Friday Evening: My Journey to Islam –  Inspirational Revert Story to motivate the local community to get involved in Dawah
Saturday Morning: Dawah Training – iERA’s Standard Dawah Training from 9.30 till Dhur
Saturday Afternoon: Street Dawah – From Dhur till Asr/Maghrib
Saturday Evening: Dawah Feedback Session from the local duat and share interesting dawah conversations and tips
Sunday Morning: Now Ready to Grow Training (NRG) – A Mentorship training program teaching the local community how to look after, teach and empower New Muslims. From 10am to Dhur
Sunday Afternoon: Step by Step Instructor Training – Instructor training for the local team so they can set up The Step by Step Weekly New Muslim Classes in the local muslim community – for this we require a minimum of 2 brothers and 1 sister to commit to teach this locally


The aim of the Dawah mission is to achieve the following: – Empower members of your local community to make Da’wah a key part of their life. – Motivate your community to develop an active Dawah team that will be delivering the message of Islam to the non Muslim community on a regular basis. – To give you the knowledge on how to affectively present the message of Islam and how to develop new Muslims into strong practicing Muslims.

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